Monday, 8 January 2018


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After spending hours on yet another blog post that got lost in the abyss of the internet, I asked myself: why do I bother with blogging? My posts don't get many views, and since I stopped going on commenting sprees, I don't get any comments. If no one's reading, shouldn't I just shut up and log off? Well, as I'm sure you can guess since you're seeing this on said blog, I don't think ditching Technicolour Dreamer is the answer...

Today, I thought I'd share why I spend so much time sprucing up my own little corner of the internet. And if you're having blogging doubts, I hope this will reassure you to keep on keeping on!

Page Divider Claire Petersen outside a Brooklyn Townhouse

Photos by Kaye of Fordtography

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It's well known amongst the blogging community that running a blog is hard work, practically a second full-time job if you're on the daily blogging buzz. If you're bored of your blog design, there's no web department to turn to, you've got to figure out the HTML and CSS for yourself. And every small blogger knows the struggle of getting people to actually notice your blog - that's why it's essential to be social media savvy. You're your own PR person, graphic designer, marketer, not to mention the writer and photographer. Although it sounds like a struggle, in my experience this is the appeal of blogging.

The fact that my blog gives me a chance to try my hand at a bit of everything means I gain skills in writing content, photography, editing, web design, marketing, and PR. I've relied on these skills in past jobs, and I've no doubt that this experience will help me secure my next role. Plus, the fact that it's all online for the world to see, means that I can use it as a sort of portfolio. Whenever I apply for a job I am sure to mention this website, so prospective employers can see my skills being put to use.

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Top: River Island | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: H&M

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That's why I don't fret if no one actually reads my blog, though I know there are a few followers out there! That's why I won't fret even if no one ever reads my blog again! Though, I do hope that's not the case! I will continue to promote my blog, and of course I hope it grows, but it's important for me to realise the real reason I put so much effort into this ridiculously time-consuming hobby. By sharing my life online, I'm learning so much.

If you're a small blogger, I'm sure you also have reasons that go beyond readership. Let me know what those reasons are in the comments. I'm carving more time out in my schedule to interact with other blogs, so I promise I'll return the favour!

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