Wednesday, 30 August 2017


I've had yellow-tinted teeth since I can remember. I don't drink coffee or smoke, but somehow that's the colour they remained. Until, that is, I tried at-home teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant.

I didn't know when I'd be able to afford professional whitening - especially with New York City prices - but I couldn't bear my British smile in a sea of perfect pearly-whites. American's sure know how to take care of their teeth! So this alternative to dentist whitening was an absolute godsend.

Of course, teeth whitening strips and the likes have been on the supermarket shelves since forever. But they can be a little hit or miss: they aren't the easiest to use, and they don't always brighten the teeth evenly. What I love about the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit is that it fits your teeth perfectly - because the moulds are made from your own teeth! They'll send you clay and trays so you can make moulds and send it back to their lab. A few days later you can expect a package at your door with your new moulds, ready to go!

And then the whitening process begins! First, you apply a strip of the teeth whitening gel to your mouth moulds. You can wear these anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Veer on the side of caution first, especially if you have sensitive teeth, and try them for 45 minutes. Then you can increase the time you leave them on in increments of 30 minutes over the next few days of use. Luckily, I've never suffered from sensitive teeth, so after a few days I started wearing the gel for the full 3 hours for maximum whitening. I haven't had any noticeable increase in teeth sensitivity, so I'm thrilled!

After whitening, brush your teeth. Wash and dry the moulds and apply a strip of the teeth-desensitising gel. Wear this for a further 15-20 minutes. Do not skip this step! You do not want to risk making your teeth much more sensitive. Once you've done that, take out the moulds, and you're done!

I must admit, I was shocked at the taste of chemicals when I whitened my teeth the first day. I don't know what I was expecting! But after the first few days, I had gotten used to it, so that's not a problem any more.

And my results? Well see for yourself...

I could not be more pleased with the improvement. I can finally kiss my yellow teeth goodbye!

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