Saturday, 2 April 2016

Copenhagen: First Impressions

By the time I touched down in Copenhagen it was already pitch black. But the buildings were lit up, either by spot lights or simply by passing cars, and I could already tell that the Danish architecture was something else. A few blurry phone photos later, I decided to save my creative energy for the next day, when the sun would be bright and the buildings looking their best.

Much to my delight, the next day the sun was bright and the buildings spectacular. I was thrilled with the weather. Yes it was cold, dipping just below 0°C at its lowest, but it was sunny and calm. All you needed to do was wrap up warmly - layers upon layers upon layers topped off with a bobble hat - and you were sorted for the day. It was a paradise compared to the windy, then rainy, then windy and rainy Irish weather I'm used to.

Copenhagen is a fairly easy city to get around, which was lucky since I was exploring all on my lonesome. Of course, it helped that I had downloaded the city map on Google Maps before the trip. But I didn't rely on it. All it took was one look at the map to get my bearings and I'd trot off without needing to cling to it for support.

After wandering up and down the street packed with restaurants and bars, I began to realise that my hostel was located in the Temple Bar of Copenhagen. That is to say, Nyhavn is oh-so touristy. But when the buildings are this pretty and Instagrammable, who cares if you're charged a few extra krone for a beer?

I'll take the red apartment with the red boat to match! 😍

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My first impression of Copenhagen? Wow, this is the perfect place to be exploring alone with a camera in hand. These are just a sample of my snaps - I'll be sharing many more photos and stories from my trip on the blog soon. Stay tuned!

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