Monday, 22 September 2014

Three Simple Self-Improvement Tips

Officially, today is the first day of my Masters in Digital Marketing. I am thrilled to be beginning on a new academic adventure, but also quite scared, since it sounds a million times more intense than my undergrad. Clearly I am in need of a bit of a boost in the form of self-help tips!

DCU campus, also on my Instagram

Friday was orientation, and although I've been to DCU for the last three years, I still found out a some new secrets about campus (like the hidden away, high-tech, digimarketing lab). But more than that, I've also learnt a few life lessons from course head, which will help me with the degree, as well as life in general. Inspired by the first taste of my next year, I've decided to share three self-help pointers here...

Three Simple Self-Improvement Tips:

1. Set Stretch Goals - If a goal is too easy then you'll feel no satisfaction when you achieve it. On the other hand, if you are unrealistic about your ability to achieve a goal you are likely to stress yourself out, chasing a goal that's out of your league. You've got to find the balance. When setting yourself goals, consider your strengths and weaknesses, so you can set yourself a challenging, rewarding but ultimately achievable goal.

2. Be Tigger not Eeyore - Eeyore is drag-everyone-down-with-you sad. Tigger is bounce-off-the-walls, ridiculously upbeat. Who would you rather spend time with? For the Digital Marketing class, this was brought up to stress the importance of a positive attitude in group work, but it is also relevant in everyday life. Of course, there's a time and a place to be an Eeyore, but the more days you choose to be Tigger, the happier you'll be.

3. Be Good at your Weaknesses & Excel at your Strengths - Take time to teach yourself valuable skills that you thought you'd never be able to do. Get good at these. As for your strengths? Well, you're already pretty great at these. Now focus on mastering them.


I don't think I've ever mentioned my unashamed love for self-help books and speeches (Ted Talk binge, anyone?), but now it's clear. As a self-help fan, I was always going to love the opening presentation to my course, when these valuable life lessons were shared. Hopefully you too will find them useful, whether you apply them to your work life, uni life or life in general!


  1. These are all fantastic tips! I have been really thinking about my attitude lately and trying to find ways to be a more positive person (not an eeyore). Thanks for these, they have been a huge help! xo

  2. These are great tips! And goodluck on your masters :)


  3. Such a beautiful post x