Friday, 3 January 2014

Magazine Junkie

I have always been a sucker for pretty magazines. When I lived in New Zealand I would buy Girlfriend, which was a league above Sugar and Bliss, the teen magazines that I had to settle for when I returned to Europe. My love affair with magazines began when I was obsessed with all things 'self-help' orientated, and I would snip out the pages which told me how to get organised, get better grades or get fitter. Oh and DIY anything, though I rarely got around to actually make the projects I collected. Nowadays I purchase magazines more for the design and the gorgeous fashion or lifestyle photography. I've been known to purchase Elle Decor without the faintest redecorating intention. I think this life long love for print helped me when I was designing the The Look.

And I mustn't forget my obsession the idea of creating a zine when I was in my teens. The older I got, the more obsolete zines got (and they were pretty damn rare in the first place) with e-zines becoming the outlet of choice for angst-filled teens who grew up in the cut-and-paste era but could now get their pen-marked paws on a computer with a dial-up connection. I never got around to creating my zine (not yet anyway!), but I do continue to keep many a scrapbook with cute clippings of magazine articles and photographs which inspired me.

Seeing as certain magazines are a huge source of inspiration for me, I thought I'd share the magazines I buy anytime I can get my mitts on them, as well as a few that I'll pick up every now and then when I'm scanning the magazine stand for inspiration. So, first up...

Okay, so it's not exactly an underground choice, but Company deserves a mention for being the one UK-based woman's magazine which have nailed the cute, scrapbook feel lusted after by so many 20-something wannabe-globe trotting fashionistas and bloggers. The composition of some of the pages are perfection, and some have inspired my own designs in The Look. Company was the first magazine which convinced me that white on black writing can work.

Plus, in the age of the internet, touch, more than ever, is an important part of magazine design, and the matte pages of Company are oh-so much sweeter to touch than the majority of its woman-magazine buddies which share the news stand. And, although I openly admit that I buy my magazines more for the pretty pictures than the articles, there's a lot to say for the content, especially Company's love for bloggers and it's social media obsession. Hardly a page goes by without a slightly unnecessary, yet undeniably hip, hashtag or a insta-inspired pic, and this, combined with it's music, fashion and beauty articles, makes for a must-have magazine.

Frankie is an Australian magazine which has perfected its vintage-inspired and adorable look. When I first discovered this magazine, an effortlessly beautiful 'Frankie girl' graced the cover, but nowadays, a too-cute-to-handle illustration sits on the front cover. The quaint front-cover image combined with the minimal cover design made it hard to resist. The minimal theme is adhered to throughout, with whole pages dedicated solely to titles and subtitles, and an abundance of negative space which allows the images to take all the reader's attention.

The Frankie team always seem to include the best photo-collections too, rarely a page is turned without me having some serious photographer's envy. As one of my favourite magazines, I automatically knew I would channel its style when we were asked to create a series of documentary photographs, for print in a magazine of our choice, for my Imaging project. The photographs which I took for this project can be found on my Flickr, and my Frankie style magazine cover is here:

My version of the Frankie cover

Noteable mentions:
Tabitha - a free magazine, only available in Ireland as far as I know but it can be found on Issuu
Revs - okay, I admit I've only bought this once, I found it two days ago in fact! But it's absolutely filled to the brim with fashion photography, I'll definitely be looking out for it in the future

Well, there it is. My love affair with magazines rages on. If I find any other gems I'll keep you posted. I promise.


  1. `What a fab post Claire! I too am a big lover of Company - kind of on an analytical level because I think they're a great barometer of the direction in which image and fashion consumption is at, plus I always have a friend or two fetaured in there! ;)
    I adore Frankie too but rarely find the time to read it the way it deserves being read.
    Hopefully you would have loved Wish magazine that my best friend and I made last year!

    Happy new year! x

    1. Thanks so much Lucy! :) I remember seeing Carrie's post on the launch of Wish magazine! It looked like such fun and if the actual magazine was anything like the launch I reckon I would have loved it! :D x

  2. Fabulous post and I love indie magazines, too! I LOVE Frankie but I wish it wasn't like $20 per magazine in the states! It's fabulous, though!

    love, polly :)

    1. Thank you! :D I know, it's not cheap here either and because of this I always have a dilemma as I want to keep the magazine pristine and pretty but I also want to cut it up and use it for scrapbooking. After internal debate I usually end up reluctantly doing the latter! Thanks so much for your comment. x

  3. great post!
    i am fashion magazine obsessed. I loved loved loved Company so much, my fav British mag actually, and I am so sad that it stopped releasing issues :(
    then I am a big fan of Nylon and its layout! also, I enjoy so much digging into interior and fashion magazines of different countries, I could read them for an entire day!

    Cate //