Monday, 23 December 2013

Look! I'm Back

Hello! I'm finally able to curl up with my laptop to update my blog! I have been gone for too long but unfortunately, it was pretty much unavoidable - it's been nonstop with college and the likes for at least a month. But, now that the assignments are submitted and I'm back at the family home I finally have time to blog! Hooray!

So what's been keeping me super busy this past month? Well, luckily it hasn't just been coursework... I've been doing plenty of society stuff. One major project that I'm super proud of is my work with The Look magazine - I designed the whole layout from scratch! Have a read of it by clicking here.

Photo taken from @suzioco

I'm really proud of it, especially seeing as I taught myself InDesign over the summer! Feedback is greatly appreciated, so if you have any suggestions on how to make the next edition amazing - let me know in the comments!

As well as doing the layout for the magazine I also took some photographs for it... So I'll update the blog with some extra shots from the Trend Report photoshoot soon!