Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chris: 18 and Ready to Party

To kick off my personal posts on this blog, I'll happily share some images of my brother's birthday bash, his 18th to be precise. As is the norm for a Petersen party, we went all out with the decoration, although the proposed festival theme was partly sidelined due to the awful, wet weather (though, in retrospect the rain was in keeping with the festival experience). There were cups of glowsticks, stars hanging from the ceiling and Skittles which had been meticulously separated into the five classic colours and displayed in glass jars... My mum and I get a tad obsessive when it comes to party planning!

Mum and I grabbed these storage units in Dunelm Mill for a bargain price... We knew we'd be able to use them for something. Ultimately we bought these cute, striped paper bags, filled them up with certain sweets and wrote the type of candy of each section in chalk.

My attempt at night club photography... It doesn't seem to work as well with fairy lights. Also, I may have had a few jam-jar cocktails by this point.

All in all it was a fun night, and Chris was surprised with fireworks and a birthday video of his friends' messages which I put together. And I thought the photos were sufficiently cute enough to act as the first post for the new era of my blog! By the way, have you noticed the blog's new theme? Minimalistic, but so much more beautiful than my old clunky blogger one which this blog wore previously.

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