Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Blogosphere, How I've Missed You

This blog has been dormant for too long so I've decided to welcome myself back to say... Hello! A lot has happened since I last chatted: I've hopped around Europe and completed my second year in DCU. While I pretty much abandoned my Blogger corner of the web, I introduced myself to Instagram and subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud to get all creative and what-not.

However I've missed my muttering on here, so I'm back! With my return I am bringing a few changes! Over the months this blog will be treated to a complete revamping. Here are my three blogging goals, to be completed by this time next month:

  1. Find a pretty, stylish layout for my blog, whether I create it myself or use a freebie found on the internet My new blog design is Putih Pekat and I got it here.
  2. Begin creating various posts about the little events that I experience with my friends and family, not only the media related part of my life
  3. Choose a new name for this blog which is better suited to the new direction it is taking This blog, formerly known as Media Muttering, is now called Technicolour Dreamer.

The reason for change? I've noticed that the blogs that I am in love with are world's away from my blog. While I would never aim to simply steal another blog's style, I have to ask myself: why would I write for a blog that I wouldn't choose to read? So I'm going to allow myself to be inspired by my fave blogs, namely Blythe Ponytail Parades, Lark and Lace and A Beautiful Mess, and point my blog to the path of these lifestyle and photography blogs.

To be clear, this doesn't mean that I will be abandoning my media-related posts. If this blog is going to have any chance at being successful, in the sense that I enjoy writing it then I need to keep writing about what interests me. That will always include the media and my experimentation with photography, video and radio. Rather than an entirely new creation, this is a reimagining of my original blog.

And now, to begin!

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