Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Grumpy Model Look

This week Alan and I went for a walk around the shops in Derry, and we didn't only leave the city with bags of new clothes, but also plenty of project ideas for the future! I won't reveal any more details on the matter until the ideas develop, but I can say that I'll have a very busy second semester!

Anyway, we got a chance to take some photos too! Alan is used to being a model now, though I am still a little clueless as to how to direct the shoot. I can find cool angles and backgrounds, but then I have no idea what pose I want from the model. I usually just tell Alan to 'do the grumpy model look'. It works a lot of the time!

Day 19 of the 365 Challenge.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently, but once I get back from my city break in Prague next week, I will update this blog lots more! I can't wait to share the pretty photos from the trip!

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