Sunday, 13 January 2013

Let the Challenge Commence

I've been a tad quiet on the blogging side of things over the last two weeks, but I can assure you that I've been hard at work! Well, if the Project 365 counts as work...

I've been keeping my Flickr updated with photos from each day. I reckon I'll share the best ones from each month in a post on this blog. For now, to celebrate successfully completing one week of the challenge, here's my first 7 days of the project. Only 358 more days to go!

Day 1: The Bokeh Beginning - I promised myself to start on the first of January, so I did, regardless of the fact that I was slightly worse for wear after the New Year's celebrations.

Day 2: Portal - The second clone photo that I have ever attempted. I plan to dedicate a whole blog post to Multiplicity photographs, eventually!

Day 3: Caged

Day 4: Magpie's Nest

Day 5: Mum and Dad

Day 6: Window

Day 7: Sorcha and Shauna - Taken before we hit Temple Bar for cocktails.

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