Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eirtakon & My New Lens

Since Friday I have had the pleasure of popping into Eirtakon, which is an anime and manga convention that is held on campus. I'm there as a photographer for DCU's cultural magazine, Flashback.

It's been so fun spotting the best cosplayers and taking their photos, with permission of course.

As soon as I walked into the traders hall I was faced with a cuteness overload in the form of a stall filled with cuddly toys!

The two photos in this blog post are taken with my new lens. I got up early to hit Bermingham Cameras' sale. I bought myself a 50mm, fixed lens, with minimum F-Stop of 1.8. I can't wait to get experimenting with it!

A wish tree was on display for all attendees to add to.


  1. I have the 50mm 1.8, it’s so lovely! I really want the 1.4 though :)

    1. I'm having fun with it! Yeah, I'd love to have the 1.4 too, but it is so much more expensive. :S