Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Botanic Garden Antics

With photography deadlines looming I know I have to start snapping. So today, I dragged my high maintenance supermodels Eileen and Alan down the road to the Botanic Gardens. The assignment that I was tackling was my Black and White film photography project. I need to take five photos, inspired by a passage from a song or poem. I won't give away my idea yet, but for now, I will say that there are a few images like this one:

I took a few photos with my DSLR, there are some 'Behind the Scenes' photos below!

I think I took photos that I'll be happy with, but I suppose I won't know for sure until I get the roll developed. Oh, and I have to do that myself too. Eek!

The mock-stuck up attitude of Eileen and Alan, combined with me lugging around all my camera bags, must have made us seem like a proper professional crew, seeing as the security guard came over to ask if we were taking photographs for a publication. They allowed us to continue to take photos seeing as it wasn't a commercial venture, just a university one!

One silly mistake that I made when using the DSLR, was that my ISO was all the way up at 1600! Thank god I didn't mess that up when using the film camera, with the ISO 400 roll of film, or I wouldn't have any usable photos. When things like this happens it becomes clear why they are teaching us to use the film cameras... When we use the film cameras we must double check every setting, because we have a limited about of shots. With digital, you can fire away, to pick and choose later. While that may sound great, you may end up doing a basic mistake, like forget to check the ISO, and end up with loads of photos that aren't quite right. Hopefully this film photography assignment will teach me to focus on my settings more on my DSLR, so that I won't make annoying mistakes like that in the future!

Here are some random photos that I took when I wasn't concentrating on my assignment:

Alan and Eileen practising the grumpy model look.

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