Friday, 5 October 2012

Join Filmsoc

The other day I chatted all about Fotosoc, so today I want to focus on the other society that I'm a committee member of, Filmsoc. The main events that this society organise are simple: We gather together as a group of film-lovers, and watch movies. It's such an easy going society, all you need to do is wander over to where we are screening the film, relax and watch!

At the Clubs and Socs day we signed up over 150 members. If you're interested in finding about the events we're running this year, then keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.

A poster I made from scratch for the event

The EGM is on Monday, and after it we're putting on Toy Story. A classic childhood film to start off a successful year for Filmsoc!

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