Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Erica Coburn at DCU

Yesterday Fotosoc, along with Style Soc, hosted it's first major society event for the year. The Fashion workshop included talks from Courtney Smith, LA Make-Up Academy (both organised by Style Soc), and a photography workshop in the studio, with Erica Coburn.

I missed the first two speakers because I had to make an appearance at the mentorship programme's introductory event (more on that in another post). I hear that it all went very well though! I did get the chance to see all of Erica's slot, and I can tell you that it was excellent! She began by telling us a bit about her background, and how she got into photography... She's only in sixth year, don't you know?

After a quick Q&A, we went up to the studio and Erica took some photos of Megan, the gorgeous model, who had been made up during the LA Make-Up Academy demonstration. Erica invited others to come up and have a go at taking photos. The image below is from Erica's her Photo A Day series, and she took it before our eyes in the studio.

Image credit: Erica Coburn

I've been admiring Erica's photos for some time now, so it was a treat to find out that she'd be gracing DCU with her presence. And there is talk of more photographic hook-ups in the future! Below I included some of Erica's images that I love, they are inspiring...

My Favourite Erica Coburn Pics:

Amazing aren't they? Like her Facebook page to keep up to date as she continues Project 365.

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