Saturday, 13 October 2012

Best Of: Our Radio Show

At 5 O'Clock on Thursday, I found my inner radio voice and introduced our new show, presented by myself, Helen, Eileen and Alan, on the student radio station, DCUfm. The working title for our movie chat show is Best Of: Film, and this week we focused on the theme of RomComs.

This first few seconds of the show went spectacularly. It was somewhere after 1 minute when the whole thing fell to pieces. I was introducing the show and the presenters, when music suddenly started playing in my ear. Naturally, all heads turn to the sound desk, where Eileen looks just as confused as us. Thank goodness for the more experienced radio heads dwelling in the studio who could help us out. We realised that the station manager was fixing some issues on the system, and had to override our control of the airwaves while it was being sorted out. So the few people that were listening would have thought that we completely messed up, when in reality it was out of our control!

Myself and Alan on air in the DCUfm studio.
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However, we must take some of the blame for our shaky first show, as the technical difficulties were cleared up within 15 minutes. After that we chatted on air about our chosen films (Crazy, Stupid, Love., When Harry Met Sally, and Bridget Jones's Diary, in case you're interested) and, while there were no more major setbacks, there were awkward, on-air pauses. We will improve on next week though!

We want a few more listeners next week, we'll be asking questions and giving shout outs, so tune in to DCUfm at 5pm on Thursday.

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