Saturday, 8 September 2012

Another Sip From the Teacup

It is coming to the end of my summer break from uni, and, as a result, I have been reflecting on my personal successes and failures of the season. I realised that this blog had left one of my favourite artistic endeavours without an adequate ending. You may remember the Teacup Chronicles photoshoots that I couldn't stop blogging about in the first half of the summer. Unfortunately, the posts stopped pretty abruptly because Sorcha's laptop broke, and files were lost, slowing the whole process down. If there was ever a time for a sad face emotion it would be now... :(.

After this happened we were all disheartened, and, as of yet, we never got another chance to round up the trilogy of photoshoots.

However, regardless of the unlucky circumstances, I still have some images saved that I haven't shared with this blog. So pop the kettle on and scroll down to have a gander at them!

All images featured on this post are taken and edited by me, unless I (the ginger one) am in the photo! Then it will have been taken by Alan or Paul (so sorry guys, I can't remember who took what) and edited by Sorcha.

The Teacup Chronicles team:

Sorcha: Came up with the idea for the Teacup Chronicles, editor, model, stylist.

Shauna: Model, stylist.

Alan: Photographer, model, stylist.

Claire (that's me!): Photographer, editor, model(ha!), stylist.

Thanks to Paul as well, although was not an official member of the team, on this outing he took some photos, and helped us get our hands on a sword, shield and bow and arrow! And thank you Fiona, for providing us with much needed refreshments after the shoot! There is much less time for tea than you'd imagine when you are at a ringfort taking photos for the Teacup Chronicles.

Note: Whenever I say 'model' or 'stylist' I am being pretentious, of course. What I really mean is that we were in the photos, and all chose our own outfits to fit with the theme. It sounds fancier with a title, so I'm adding one!

More photos from the second chapter of the Chronicles:

So there is a little selection for you! There are more images, some I have already posted on this blog here and here, and others are on my Flickr page.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the images from The Teacup Chronicles: The Honourable Defense!

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