Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Banner for Film Soc: Take Two

At the beginning of summer I made a banner to be used to entice people to become a member of Film Soc on Clubs and Socs day. View the banner and the post about it here. Admittedly, it was basic, the popcorn bucket didn't even have anything in it!

So when I was asked to add more to it, I wasn't surprised, I had been planning to update it anyway, but ended up forgetting about it. However, I had no idea how to create the popcorn and film reel, so I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, Alan. Below is the completed poster:

The older version of the banner looks completely bare in comparison. Now that I have figured out how to make the popcorn and the film reel, I can't understand why I found it so difficult two months ago. Perhaps it was because I spent too long trying to do it on Illustrator, instead of just admitting defeat and using its simpler cousin Photoshop.

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