Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First Cut! Film Festival

Firstly, I better apologise for my online absence over the past week. I was enjoying a holiday in England and I hardly had time to update my Twitter with a mere 140 characters, let alone post here!

Chris and Jess at the beach during our trip to Newquay

Anyway, now that I have been reunited with my cherished laptop and familiar bedroom, I have a SpunOut link to share. If you have filmed something you consider award worthy recently, then why don't you seek some priceless recognition? First Cut! Youth Film Festival are looking for short films made by under 21 year olds. All the information is here if you are tempted.

While I would love to win an award for my film making (or for any media-related project) I find it difficult to create a decent mini movie. Alan and I tried last semester, and it was a complete failure. I'll try again, no doubt, but it can be frustrating. This summer does offer a lot of time for me to attempt to enter something in the First Cut! Film Festival, but I'll have to be inspired first...

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