Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blending Bubbles

I brought a bubble machine the other day, and decided that I had to create an image using it! Have a peek:

While I've known the basics of layering in Photoshop for a long time, I have only started to experiment with the blending mode. For this image I mixed two separate photographs of my bubbles with the underlying image of myself. One of the image of bubbles was blended using 'Linear Light' mode, and the other was blended by 'Colour Burn'.

The frustrating thing about editing photographs is that it is difficult to know when you've pushed an image too far. Even as I wrote this blog, I decided to adjust my 'completed' image, because I realised that the lighting was just too harsh, even if it was close to the effect I was going for. The image that accompanies this post is the absolute final one. Well until I change my mind and open the PDF yet again...

Note: I actually did go back and change it again, I wanted to add a little more colour to my lips, so the I-promise-it's-final-this-time image has been uploaded to this post now. Ahh, PDF documents. Is the endless possibility for a new 'final' edit a gift or curse?

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