Monday, 11 June 2012

Teacup Chronicles (I Don't Even Like Tea, Shh!)

At some point this week I am going to give my DSLR a bit of a work out. The photographs I take will mark the beginning of the 'Teacup Chronicles', a series of images that will be compiled throughout the summer. The theme? The title is a giveaway here, all the images will feature a teacup! The models (that's my friends Sorcha and Shauna!) shall be dressed up in their cutest vintage-esque outfits, and shall pose in various locations, starting with the oh-so-exotic location of Shauna's back garden.

In honour of the antics that shall surely occur while shooting the Teacup Chronicals I created a simple teacup in Illustrator. For the record, I followed this tutorial.

While it's a lot better than my original attempt at Illustrator (see this monstrosity), it's still pretty awful. Why are you always so difficult Illustrator?

Anyway, back to the original point: 'Teacup Chronicles' photo shoot! Hopefully the finished photos will be up by next week. That's if they are any good. But I've told the world now so I suppose I'll have to follow through!

I must point out that this idea has sprung from the brilliant minds of Shauna and Sorcha, I have simply been invited along for the ride!

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