Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tangled in Web Design

In my first year of university I was introduced to the world of web design, and I discovered that it's a lot of fun! I never thought I'd get into this aspect of the new media, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own webpage.

The site I created to be marked isn't live so here's an alternative, a screen shot of what the main page of my website looked like. You'll have to trust me when I promise you that all the links worked perfectly!

My new found love for creating and designing websites left me with an unforeseen problem - I don't have the option to take up a module on the subject next year. The good news is, web design is easily self-taught! There are various online resources that can be accessed for free. Let's have a look at some of them:

W3 Schools, HTML - While this site gets a bad rep from various sources , I found it useful to learn the basics of HTML. However, now that I'm moving on to the more advanced aspects of web design I shall be leaving it behind, as I am not sure I trust it due to all the criticism and bad publicity.

The New Boston, CSS - On this site you'll find video tutorials that are easy to follow. The voiceover explains every detail simply and at an apt pace, though he can be a little irratating at times. These videos are helping me to learn CSS.

Code Academy, Javascript - I really enjoyed trying this one out, as it makes the whole experience of learning Javascript like a fun game! I got through a few levels but then I got stuck. I have now realised that there is no point of me learning this until I have a better knowledge of HTML and CSS! Thanks to Cian Mac Mahon for directing me to both the New Boston and Code Academy sites.

I'll set aside some time each day to practice, and hopefully I'll be a pro before the 2012/13 academic year gets started!


  1. I envy you, Claire. A piece of friendly advice: don't waste your time and grab every opportunity to learn. Web design is actually a very expansive field and is definitely well worth exploring. You can learn a lot and earn a lot from this. You can sell pre-made sites, or use your knowledge and expertise for your personal use by getting into adsense or other source of revenue. It's simply amazing once you get to know more about the world of the internet and how it works. I wish you all the best this 2013!

    Sharonda Head

    1. Thanks for the advice! :D I don't think I'll be selling sites any time soon, but I'm enjoying learning about web design for my own little projects.