Friday, 1 June 2012

Tag! You're It

Tag! You're It

Today I am returning to the topic of graffiti hunting in Ireland's city centre. Dublin is a surprisingly good place to look for graffiti and street art. It is a small city and there seems to be much less visible graffiti than many other European cities, but this just adds a sense of challenge and an element of fun to the search!

I emailed a photo of a graffiti filled street to Faran from the Tag! section of the Nylon blog, and next thing I know, my photos featured on the blog!

Handy enough! As you may know, I started graffiti spotting because of my involvement with Scene Not Herd, a cultural youth group in Dublin. There should be an exhibition to do with gureilla art coming up soon in the No Grants Gallery. Shall keep you posted as always!

Anyway, for more on graffiti hunting and tips on how to give it a go, visit my Squidoo lens on the subject! Plugging myself on my own blog... I really am shameless...

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