Thursday, 28 June 2012

Secret Cinema

As part of the Celtronic festival in Derry, the Nerve Centre hosted an event entitled 'Secret Cinema'. My friends and I wandered into the venue not knowing what we were getting ourselves into - the leaflet had merely stated that the event would be a mixture of film and contemporary music.

Turns out the film to be show was Metropolis, a German, silent film of the 1920s. The twist was that modern music was played to accompany the film. Feelings were mixed among the group as to whether this added or took away from the experience.

Personally, I thought it was an interesting idea, and at times the music tied in well with the atmosphere. However to make a full judgement I would need to watch the film as it was originally intended to be seen.

Debates aside, it was a brilliant free event to attend to break up the long summer days, I certainly got my culture fix! Actually, I enjoyed the novelty of watching a silent film, and it reminded Sorcha and I that we have yet to see The Artist. The movie is certainly going on my 'to-watch' list.

On a separate note, the DCU exam results are out tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

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