Friday, 29 June 2012

My Canon Companion

Let me introduce you to my best, inanimate, friend. My Canon 1000D.

The camera corner in my room.

This chap follows me around if there are interesting photographs to be snapped. Well, as long as it is completely safe for it to do so - I am definitely like an overprotective parent when it comes to letting him out of the house. But it has been down to the river, accompanied me on my final day of secondary school (it's first workout!), has followed me to DCU and back to Donegal again.

Plans for the future? Within the next few days the second chapter of the Teacup Chronicles should be shared through images. Beyond that, it certainly needs another lens, as the standard one is at times restricting. I would love to try a macro lens, which is great for portrait shots, I hear, and I am currently saving up!

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