Friday, 15 June 2012

More on the Exhibition

I promised a longer post about the exhibition I attended in the North West Regional College in Limavady, and I intend to keep all my promises!

I went to this event because my friend Fiona has just completed her foundation year in art.

Fiona Burke and I. Check out the art in the background, this is Fiona's stuff.

It was great walking round and seeing the different styles of all the artists, and all the potential too!

Pádhraic Mulholland. That's his art in the background, and to see more of it check out his blog.

So yeah, the so called longer post didn't really turn out to be particularly detailed. I am weary of going off topic, but media and art goes together... Doesn't it? Well it was a necessary post, as I must show support to my friend Fiona and her artsy mates.