Monday, 28 May 2012

#DCUtv24 Hour Broadcast

Probably one of the most fun, bizarre and tiring 24 hours of my whole academic year was the day I spent with MPS members at #DCUtv24. I use the hash tag regardless of the fact that I am on Blogger not Twitter because it will be forever etched into my memory. #DCUtv24 #DCUtv24 #DCUtv24. The event was run by MPS and DCUtv in order to raise money for Temple Street Children's Hospital, whilst also having the banter in the Henry Grattan beyond its usual opening hours! It aired on the internet on and DCUtv's website too!

It was a fantastic few hours. We started at 8pm on Friday night on the 13th of April, and a team of us would continue broadcasting live until 8pm the next day. As one of the two Promotions and Marketing Officers my job was to get as many viewers to watch the broadcast as possible, with the hope was that the audience would donate like crazy!

Thus, the idea that I needed to get #DCUtv24 trending on Twitter was born. I spent the majority of the 24 hours by the laptop in the 'green room' (a random classroom in the Henry Grattan). Tweeting and retweeting like a possessed woman. Shouting HASH TAG DCUtv24 to anyone within a reasonable radius. As a team we actually got #DCUtv24 trending, not only number one in Dublin, but trending at number 2 in the whole of Ireland.

A few celebrity tweets and retweets helped us along the way too! My friend Fiona mention Oliver Phelps (who plays George Weasley in the Harry Potter films) and he was kind enough to give us a retweet! Letting his 347,000+ followers know about the student broadcast. And if you are not impressed by that then look: Dustin the Turkey tweeted about it!

Apart from out antics on Twitter, I had a go at operating the camera during the 24 hours, and also presented a cookery show with Alan! On the day this seemed like it was going to end up as a bit of a disaster. Alan and I had been up for hours without sleep at this stage, and the teams that were supposed to be taking part in the programme had been kicked out of the building. However, by adapting the plan slightly the show kicked off, with the help of the presenters Laura and Patrick, and in my opinion it was successful! You can watch it below! Thanks to my friend Andy for uploading this.

We were on in the morning, which wasn't the best time for getting a lot of views. Next year I'd love to try a similar show again, except at a time where more people are watching, so that we can interact with the audience through Twitter.

In the end MPS raised over €2500 for Temple Street, thanks to the hard work of the crew and the generous donations by the audience.

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