Sunday, 25 March 2012

Graffiti Hunting

Turns out I did get a few pretty pictures from my trip into Dublin City Centre. They weren't of the vintage fair, however, they were of a graffiti filled street.

This was a perfect opportunity to get some photos for Scene Not Herd. They're looking for shots of graffiti from around Dublin. By the way, Scene Not Herd are a youth cultural group, who meet up bi-weekly, and I'm a member! Follow the Twitter account!

The photos were a tad overexposed, so I adjusted them on Photoshop. I mainly changed the vibrancy, hue, contrast. And I used layers, of course, they are seriously handy, it's always great to turn on and off various layers to see if they are improving the photo or not

Update: I'm reading over my old posts and realised that I didn't mention my gorgeous model! Her name is Sorcha Cusack, she's my best friend and she has a blog!

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