Sunday, 25 March 2012

Illustrator Craic

Okay, I put up that last one without changing the HTML from my first educated guess! I did okay, but my paragraphs didn't show up. Hopefully this post will be more successful!

Not only did I start HTML today, but I also had a go at Illustrator. I'm following this tutorial. I'm finding it difficult enough, but I'm hoping that I'll stay motivated and that I'll practice enough until I can breeze through it. This blog should help with the motivation! I'm just about getting my head around the pen tool. I'll add one of the pictures I created with guidance from the tutorial, and after many failed attempts. It's not a masterpiece but it'll do for now! And before you ask, "what in God's name is that demented shape supposed to be?" -it's a key okay? A quirky one we'll say. Quir-key!! Geddit? I should ditch this degree to become a comedian, I'm fecking hilarious! (What's the HTML for sarcasm font?)
Righteo, happy enough with my progress today. Tomorrow I'm going all hipster and bringing my DSLR to a vintage fair in Dublin. May post pictures if they're any good!

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