Sunday, 25 March 2012

Getting Started

So I've decided, as a Communications student in my second semester of college, that now is the perfect time to start a blog. I'm going to keep it private for the moment, until I get into the swing of things. This blog will be about all my media related endeavours that I am faced with. If I'm learning something new in university I'll post about it, if I begin learning skills on my own accord then I will post these too! Today I started learning a bit of basic HTML. I know that for the rest of the year I am doing Web in my Digital Media Skills module, so I thought I'd get a head start this weekend. At the moment I am attempting to write this in HTML format, because Blogger gave me the option, I couldn't resist showing off my new skills! I've typed all the code without checking back, so if this works I'm going to be so proud of myself! Well, here goes nothing! And it really is nothing because I can so easily come back to it and edit it with out anyone ever knowing. Still, it'd be great if I got it first time!

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