Monday, 14 January 2019


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I'm not living in Seville anymore, but I found this post in my drafts and thought it deserved to see the light of day! Enjoy...

Working in coffee shops isn't really a thing in Seville. As far as I can tell, Spaniards prefer to keep their work life and social life completely separate, so the cafes there are more about socialising. However, I couldn't spend three months in a city without scoping out the work-friendly spots. There aren't a lot of them, in fact there are only three that I really love, so here they are...

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Calle Mata, 20

Wifi? Yes

This quirky coffee shop, with its mismatched furniture and fairy lights, is a great place to grab a slice of red velvet, and even a chocolate caliente if you're feeling particularly indulgent. They have wifi - surprisingly hard to find in Seville coffee shops - and plenty of space, so choose your spot and get to work!

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Calle José Gestoso, 8

Wifi? Yes

Caótica is popular for its handy location, selection of teas, and free wifi. But the best thing about this coffee shop is the rows and rows of books that a free to browse, perfect for when you're in need of a break. Of course, they are mostly in Spanish, so you'll be brushing up on your Español too!

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Torch Coffee Roasters

Ave. Paseo de las Delicias, 3

Wifi? No

Let me introduce you to the only place to get a decent matcha latte in Seville... A bold statement, I know, but it's the only independent coffee shop that I've come across here that do them, and they're pretty damn delicious here. Anyway, if you're not matcha-mad like me, you can also get coffee or fruit juices in this spot that feels more Northern American than Sevillian. There's no wifi here, but there is a big communal table where you'll find international students and local workaholics on their laptops.

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To finish this post I was browsing through my phone photos from when I was living in Seville, and it's made me seriously nostalgic... I must travel back soon!

Let me know what kind of content you'd like to read here, is it travel or self-help (like my last post) or something else entirely? If you've any thoughts, I would love if you could send me a DM on Instagram, @byclairep.

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