Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I've slowly started to develop an obsession with patterned trousers. They're just so easy to make into a look. Simply add a simple t-shirt and jewellery voilà, you're put-together. That's how I usually wear these Urban Outfitters trousers... But on this occasion I went for something a little more daring: a mesh top and bra combo - in broad daylight - sacré bleu! It was New York Fashion Week though, so no one battered an eye. This was nothing compared to the true style icons strutting down Manhattan.

Top + trousers: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Hebe Rose New York

NYFW is old news at this stage, but I had to mention it since it turned out to be one of my favourite weeks in New York so far. I was busy shooting bloggers, running from one event to the next, and loving every second. All while wearing these stripy trousers to death - it's a good thing they're so comfy!

Photos by @shotbyjessica

Oh, and an insane thing happened that week! NASDAQ were asking people to tag photos from 29 Rooms - an interactive, pop-up art gallery - for a chance to be on the billboard. I snapped and tagged and boom! Next thing I know my friend Michelle is smiling away on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square - in two photos that I took. That's one for the photographer's bucket list right there!

I can barely comprehend my NYFW. Glad I documented it on video because I don't think I'd believe it all happened... NYFW you were bizarre, busy, and just brilliant. Here's to many more!

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