Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Acorn Street in Beacon Hill is said to be America's most photographed street, so naturally I popped 'round and get a few snaps. Over on my photography Facebook page I've shared some photos I took of Louise Sweeney there, but I also got in a few photos myself...

Top, overall shorts and shoes: H&M // Bracelet: Vintage // Watch: JORD

It's clear to see why this little street in Boston has become so photographed. How could a place this picturesque not become a tourist attraction? Cobbled streets, a large American flag, and overgrown greenery all come together to make this the perfect picture spot. Obviously, you can expect a constant stream of tourists with phones in hand to get their pics. But ever committed to get the shot, Louise and I stayed put for a good 30 minutes to get pics without any unwanted bodies in the background!

It's not just Acorn Street that's Insta-worthy, the whole of Beacon Hill is charming. Mosey beyond the famous street and you'll find enough old-timey buildings, cute shops, and brunch spots to keep you busy. Speaking of brunch, Bin 26 Enoteca was where we got our fix, try the eggs Benedict!

If you're like me on a city break, and you love to simply stroll down streets to see what you find, Beacon Hill is a must-visit spot in Boston. I also found a few other great places to visit, but you'll have to wait for the next blog post to read about that... Until then, I'll see you on Instagram.

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