Tuesday, 4 July 2017


As much as I love city life, Manhattan gets seriously stuffy in the summer months. So over the weekend, I decided to skip the city and head straight for Coney Island with a few friends.

My first pit stop was Nathan's for the world's best (according to them!) hotdog and crinkle cut fries. And while I can't say if they are the best in the world, it was certainly the best hotdog and fries combo I've had! Hunger satisfied, it was on to the attractions.

Dress: H&M | Watch: JORD | Glasses: Wildfox | Necklace: Top Shop

I'm not the biggest fan of rollercoasters and the like, so I opted to just do the ferris wheel like the scaredy cat I am. But that was lovely, and gave me a chance to get a great view of our surroundings. Add in a fried Oreo or two and I'd say that's a day well spent at the seaside.

Coney Island isn't a must-visit place if you're popping to the city for a holiday, as it is very crowded and there are far better beaches and theme parks to visit. But if you're in NYC a little more long term and are looking for something different to do, it's worth giving it a try. I'd recommend going in the summer season (of course) and on a Friday when there are fireworks! Oh, and there's karaoke on the boardwalk too, randomly enough!

You can also catch up with me over on YouTube. Here's my most recent vlog, featuring my trip to Coney Island...

That's the latest with me. Happy 4th of July y'all. See you in the next post!

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