Thursday, 9 March 2017

Inside My Notebook Collection: 5 Excuses to Go Stationery Shopping

Notebooks are my favourite thing to splurge on when payday rolls around. Sometimes I think I have more notebooks than thoughts to write down, but most of the time I think: where's the closest Paper Source?

Since this blog is a space for all my loves and obsessions, it's about time I share my current notebook collection with you, and let you in on what I use each one for too. First up it's...

1. The Journal

This A4 beauty is the Kate Spade spiral notebook in which I write down my thoughts, doodle, budget and keep track of my goals. Whether I'm documenting what's already happened or planning ahead, I'm probably picking up this notebook. It might not be the most efficient way to do the serious stuff like budgeting, but adulting is just so much more fun when it's written in a pretty notebook with a scented gel pen.

2. The Morning Pages Notepad

Writing morning pages is now a morning ritual of mine. Morning pages are when you write down your stream-of-consciousness for three pages. It's simply a way to get your thoughts down on paper, clear your mind and see what's important to you for that day. I usually start by writing what I'm planning on getting done, and end by scrawling down a few gratitudes. This little notebook is perfect for the practice because it's pocket-size, meaning that writing my morning pages doesn't take a huge chunk out of my day.

3. The Appointments Planner

Why "The Appointments Planner" and not just "The Planner"? Welp, it's because I have two planners. Could someone organise an intervention for me because my notebook obsession is getting out of hand...

Anyway, this Paperchase 2017 diary is where I note down every single event, meeting or appointment I have coming up. It's the notebook I'll pick up when I need to know where I've got to be. After I've been to an event, I'll strike through and tick it off. If I don't make it to an event for whatever reason, I'll scribble it out. This distinction is important as I like to be able to look back at a day and be able to see where I was and what I did.

4. The To-Do Planner

The To-Do Planner is the sparkly one pictured above - the blue one is my Appointments Planner. Obviously, I use the To-Do Planner to keep track of my daily to-do list. But it's also important for my goals - I choose a realistic day when I hope to have achieved the goal, note it down, and if that day comes and I've completed the goal I get the satisfaction of ticking it off. I have symbols for whether a goal is completed, not-completed or postponed to a later date, kind of like the ones you find in bullet journals. For the sake of brevity, I won't go into any more detail about my system here, I'll save that for another blog post perhaps!

4. The Work Notebook

Of course, most of my freelance work is done on my laptop, but sometimes you need to note things down on paper for ideas to flow. That's why I use this black marble notebook, from Staples, for my work. Admittedly, I don't use it enough, most days I won't even pick it up. But it is great to have by my side for when an idea needs brainstorming.

And that's all my notebooks... For now! Either I've convinced you that you need another notebook in your life or I've convinced you that I have an unhealthy addiction to stationery. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the post and would love you to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin'! Until next time xx