Monday, 19 December 2016

7 Ways to Turn Passion into Side-Hustle

There's something about the supersonic pace of NYC that's got me speaking like I'm the next @GaryVee. I'm all side-hustle this and entrepreneurship that. Finding my inner Gary Vaynerchuk in the go-getting atmosphere of this city has helped me rediscover my passion...

This is Niamh, one of the bloggers I've been shooting, from Cinnamon Soul.

My passion being photography. It all started with a simple email to a friend, asking if they wanted to shoot. Which led to meeting another blogger. Who put me in contact with another. Who introduced me to their friend. And just like that, I've been shooting portraiture every weekend since.

But I'm holding on to my sense of realism. Passion alone ain't gonna pay the bills. And even though I would love to do photography full time, it's not the sort of career that you can just pick up out of the blue. It's all about making connections and building a client base. That's why, right now at least, it's a side-hustle. It's not a career. And that's okay.

Meet Lorna of LC's Closet, another blogger I've been taking photos for.

If you have hobby you love in life, and you're somewhat good at it, why not pursue it? You don't have to quit the day job, just find some spare time to take your hobby a little more seriously. You can even make some extra cash in the process!

And then there's Stephanie, from Snapped Up, the first blogger in NYC that I collaborated with!

Struggling to see how it can work? Here are some ideas to get you started:

    If you can take beautiful photos
  1. Reach out to a blogger in your area and ask if they're looking to collab

  2. If you're crafty
  3. Set up an Etsy or Depop shop and sell your creations on the side

  4. If you can spot a vintage bargain
  5. Purchase a stall at a local market and sell your finds

  6. If you're a songful soul
  7. Find out how much a busking license is locally and sing your heart out

  8. If you know your JavaScript from your Java
  9. Chat to a few local businesses and see who's looking for a website revamp

  10. If you can draw cute illustrations
  11. Post them on Instagram and offer to do custom creations

  12. If you know your way around Adobe Illustrator
  13. Set up a Fiverr account and put your design skills to work

Make 2017 your year of hustle! And let me know in the comments if you have a side-hustle thang!

Oh, and you can follow my photography (DM me for a shoot!) on Instagram, @clairepetersen32.