Saturday, 18 June 2016

✈️ Hustlin' in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Not a bad place for my first ever work trip. I went along to work at RISE - a startup and tech conference. I was there to do what I always do: create content. Between work, this blog and all my social platforms I'm a one woman content machine!

I only spent five days in the city, and even then I only had one free day to explore my surroundings. But it was enough to give me a taste for the city. And I absolutely love it.

On my first day there I had to work, of course. But the nature of my role meant that I wasn't tied down to venue. All I needed was a strong wifi connection and power and I was all set. One place of note was Classified in Wan Chai, a little coffee shop perfect for working over brunch. And with damn good smoothies.

What do you think of my Snapchat inspired photos, by the way? On my one day off in Hong Kong I did something that's not like me at all: I forgot my DSLR. Luckily, my phone was fully charged and ready to go, so all the photos you see here are phone pics that I then took into Photoshop to Snapchatify.

For me, the highlight of Hong Kong was lunch on the 49th floor of a skyscraper at Café Gray. Talk about lunch with a view. It was expensive, but well worth it to see the city from above while refuelling. The burger and fries were very much needed after a big night previous and a lot of walking in the humidity ahead. Let me point out that this was on my day off - I certainly wouldn't have been able to focus on my laptop with this in my field of vision.

In a blink, it was time to say goodbye to the city. From this post it seems like all I did was visit coffee shops! I didn't have much free time since I was there with work, but I saw enough of the city to know that I've got to go back. And I will! But not before I head on to my next destination for another work trip. This time it's Madrid.

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