Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How're Ya Howth? Instagram Meet-up

I went to my first Instagram meet-up last weekend! I randomly decided to go along to the meet-up, despite not knowing anyone who'd be there and being somewhat nervous because of that. I hopped on a train to Howth and after a few shy introductions, and a few new follows, we went on our wander.

The meet-up was in Howth, a beautiful part of Dublin which I'd never visited, so I was eager to explore. That's exactly what we did, with cameras around our necks and phones to hand - ready to capture every photogenic angle of the seaside town.

I enjoyed the meet-up immensely. It's great to be with other people who are just as passionate about photography, and just as likely to shamelessly take photos of just about anything. I've honestly never been so comfortable taking photos of strangers - like the girl in yellow above - and it's all because the rest of the group were doing the same!

Have you ever been to a Instagram meet-up? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and I can't publish a blog post about an Instagram meet-up without plugging my own account, now can I? Follow me here.

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