Thursday, 12 May 2016

Copenhagen: My 3 Favorite Moments in the City

As my (working) trip to Hong Kong fast approaches, I thought I'd take a second to look back on my last trip. Any excuse to relive my Copenhagen experience - it's such an gorgeous place.

Here are three of my favourite moments in Copenhagen.

1. Lighting a Candle in The Church of Our Saviour

I visited The Church of Our Saviour with a goal in mind: climb to the top of the spiral staircase and be rewarded with the best view of the city. But I didn't realise that there would be such beautiful sights far closer to ground-level. The art and architecture inside the church was just spectacular.

I lit a candle and took a moment to take in the awe-inspiring surroundings. A moment of peace. Then I got the camera out and disturbed the silence with the sound of the shutter. I couldn't resist - I mean, look at the place! How could I not?

Oh, and if you're wondering, I did reach the top of the spiral staircase. I was treated to a lovely view of the city and its orange rooftops. If you want to get an ariel view of the city (you do), then this is a must-do when in Copenhagen.

2. Reading The Danish Girl by the Danish Coast

I'd been meaning to read The Danish Girl for a while, and what better place to read it than in Denmark itself? Since I was on a solo trip I had plenty of time to flick through the pages. I took it everywhere with me, but the most peaceful moment was reading it by the coast.

Side note - the reason I ventured out of the city to the coastline because I was visiting The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which ended up being one of my favourite galleries I've ever visited.

3. Popping 'Round the Royal Family's for Tea

Okay, obviously I didn't actually meet any royals. But I did visit Amalienborg to see the Royal Guards do their thing and guard the palace.

Ah Copenhagen, you are a lovely little city. Can't wait to see you again - next time with a few travel companions hopefully!

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