Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Pretty Lil' Part of the World

I love a good roadtrip. Far from the girl I was at 13, when I would sulk in the back of the car at the mere utterance of the word "detour", 23 year old me is rather fond of seeing the world through the car window pane. Despite this I still can't drive, so until I get behind the steering wheel I only get the chance to go on roadtrips when I'm in Donegal with the family. Luckily, Donegal just so happens to be one of the more beautiful parts of the world.

And of course, if a roadtrip is worth going on then it's worth carting along the camera. That's exactly what I did when my mum and I went off to explore Ards.

Donegal is a gorgeous county. But it's also notoriously wet. The day we decided to visit Ards was no exception. Yet somehow, as soon as we stepped out of the car, the sun was out in full-force. It was an utter fluke but we'd managed to time it perfectly, only catching a bit of rain as we made our way back to the car.

For a while now, Wes Anderson imagery has inspired and informed many of my Instagram pictures. There's something about the subject sitting smack-bang in the centre of a square format image that works so well. But now the style has come creeping into my DSLR photography. Rule of thirds be damned, I'm loving how my images are looking when the subject is centred, like the two below.

To be honest, I've slacked a bit when it comes to 'proper' photography. Everyday I'm taking photos on my phone, while my DSLR sits at home, underused and unloved. That's something I plan to change. Can I use this as an excuse for more roadtrips photography excursions?

Oh Ards, you pretty lil' part of the world. You do make it easy to take good photos. Now, to plan my next adventure...

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