Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The NYE Jumpsuit

A lot of people are quick to choose a night in by the fire rather than brave the crowds on New Year's Eve. The clubs too packed, the streets too rowdy. But I've always loved the buzz that comes with calling in the New Year, so more often than not I'm out there merrily (read: drunkenly) counting down 'til midnight. This year was no different.

Jumpsuit: Topshop // Shoes: Office // Necklace: Topshop

Hoping to find an absolute steal like last year, I popped into Topshop... And subsequently stumbled upon the outfit. The one that screamed New Year. The one that I had to have. The one that was €76 but now only €42. As Anto Sharp would say: Ooh, that's going straight in my basket. Ahem.

I haven't really rocked a jumpsuit before, and it made a pleasant change from the usual sparkly dress I'd wear on this kind of occasion. A change from triple checking that, yes, this dress does adequately cover my bum. Of course, a strapless jumpsuit (and my lack of boobs) comes with its own hazards, but I dealt with that by sticking an obscene amount of body tape in the necessary places. Add a statement necklace and I was good to go.

The night itself was a good one. It helped that I spent it in Donegal, rather than a city, so nowhere was crammed. I danced and laughed and had the absolute craic - I think I gave the jumpsuit the night on the town it deserved.

Hope you too had a fun New Year's, whether it was spent cosy at home or out on the town. Happy 2016!

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