Sunday, 8 November 2015

You Can Call Me Ms MSc BA

Well would ya look: I've donned the graduation robes again, a year on from my undergrad ceremony. Completing the MSc in Management (Digital Marketing) was hands down the hardest part of my academic career thus far. Sometimes I failed, other times I achieved, but either way it was a struggle. But I persevered and I have three extra letters at the end of my title to show for it. Claire Petersen, MSc. Worth it.

Despite the stress it caused me, I could not be more thrilled that I did this digital marketing masters. Everyday I use the skills I learnt at DCU, be it in my personal projects or in my job as a Content Coordinator at Web Summit. I've developed an analytical and strategic mind, both vital to excel in marketing. I could go on, but instead of rambling here, I'll answer any questions on digital marketing and studying it in the comments.

Dress: Shubette // Heels: Topshop

As for what I wore? It was quite the last-minute ensemble. With a hectic week at work (Web Summit's flagship event was in full swing) I'd forgotten about my graduation until a couple of days before. One unsuccessful ASOS purchase and two hours in Dundrum shopping centre later I finally bagged a dress. Not too short nor long. Not too fancy nor bland. In sheer desperation, on the night before the day itself, I had stumbled upon the perfect graduation outfit.

If I'd had more time I would have bought some accessories to complement the look, but oh well - I still think it works. What do you think? Let me know in the comments, which are now powered by Disqus and therefore open to everyone (not just blogger users). Hooray for little blogging steps forward!

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