Sunday, 14 June 2015

No More Excuses

No More Excuses Graphic

Hello again! I'm back after disappearing from the blogosphere there for a bit too long. I could list a number of reasons why I left my much-cherished space on the internet so bare for a full month... But those would simply be excuses - and as you can see from this post's title: I ain't about that right now.

No more excuses. The night before I handed in my final assignment for semester 2, I created a note that declared just that. The whole year I'd been saying to myself: the summer will be so much better, I'll have time to exercise in the summer, I'll start the YouTube channel in the summer... As if I'd have all the time and money in the world when the warmer months rolled 'round. Now that it's here, I can see that this isn't the case. But if I keep putting things off to some ever-changing time in the future, I'm going to march through life feeling unfulfilled and bored.

So I combated any excuses I came up with for not posting this post. But I don't have a photo for it! Create a graphic for it instead. But I'm out of the loop in the blogging community! Post now, catch up on favourite bloggers next. But I don't have time to create a post! Set the alarm for earlier in the morning then.

No more excuses. Since you're reading this now, you can see I took my own advice. So stay tuned, I'll be back in a few days with pictures from my trip to China. Goodbye again, dear reader, but not for so long this time.