Wednesday, 24 December 2014

'Tis the Season to Gorge on Chocolate

Chocolate Strawberries

It's no secret... I like to eat. So it's hardly surprising that I quite enjoy the festive season and the overindulgence that comes along with it. Getting into the spirit of things, I donned a little Christmas Eve ensemble and raided the cupboard to make chocolate strawberries. Okay, it doesn't require a high level of culinary skill, but hey, it's Christmas and I'm lazy.

Strawberries and Edible DecorationsTesco Finest Milk Chocolate

After snooping through the cupboards I found the ingredients, not only the obvious, but edible cake decorations too. Oh, and that Tesco Finest chocolate, by the way, is absolutely divine. It's a wonder any of it made its way onto the strawberries.

Dipping Strawberries in Dark ChocolateDecorating chocolate strawberries

I like to think the edible silver balls made the strawberries extra festive.

Chocolate Strawberry with Silver Balls Chocolate Strawberries on a Tray

As for my outfit: it was unashamedly garish, complete with snowmen and little red heels with little red bows.

Heart Dress and Bow ShoewsChristmas Outfit

Hope you too are having a fun Christmas with loved-ones and lots of food. Merry Christmas lovelies!


  1. Super cute outfit! And chocolate.... Yummmm!!


  2. hummm love chocolate, love also the outfit :3
    xo <3

  3. LMAO, I love your title post!! Haha. And your chocolate looks soooo yum!


  4. nice fun time
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  5. Chocolate looks soooo yummy!! Xx