Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Little Tiger Store Find

Tiger My Little Sweetshop

Does anyone else have a slight obsession with Tiger? I adore browsing their utterly odd assortment of bits and bobs. I always manage to leave with things that I never knew I needed in my life... But by god, now that I've seen this mini candy dispenser for 4 euro how can I live without it? How will I ever be happy again if I leave without it in my hands? I won't. I need it. Okay, Tiger makes me go a tad giddy. I probably need to get out more.

DIY Little Sweetshop from Tiger, Before and After

Anyway, I did leave the store with said candy dispenser, and with a vague intention to revamp it. I wouldn't be using it in that ever-so sickly yellow that it came in. Finally, in between assignment deadlines, I found time to whip out the spray paint and transform it. So here's my newly teal sweetie dispenser, complete with strawberry bonbons. I think it looks quite sweet (geddit?) sitting there in the kitchen.

My Little Teal Sweetshop

This has been the height of my creative output as of late. Uni assignments have been eating up my energy, but another big one will be handed in this week and then I'll be in Christmas mode! For now, though, I'm going to binge on bonbons.


  1. it's really cute! I wish I'd find something like this... painting it pink wouldn't be a bad idea either!

  2. Omg how cool is that! Definitely need to get that for my friend who looves bubble gum!:D