Thursday, 27 November 2014

Recently: In Pictures

First off: A humble explanation for my absence... It's coming to the time of year where my college assignments are piled high. Combine that with my Christmas job at Boots and I barely have time to sleep, let alone blog. So, until Christmas, I'll probably only be uploading one or two new posts a week. Roll on the Christmas break, though, because then I'll be stuffing myself with home-cooked dinners, chilling by the fire and blogging to my little heart's content.

Here is my life in pictures... Not terribly thrilling, but I thought I'd share regardless.

Luas Line in the Morning
I've been getting up fairly early to get into town, bag a seat in a coffee shop, and work on assignments before work. Hence the deserted Luas stop at 7am.

Photobooth Picture with my Friends
It was Michelle's birthday, my dear friend and roomie, so we hit the town and got this cute photobooth pic in the club.

Going Through Photos from Graduation
Reliving my graduation by editing the pics from the day.

Stella Full of Storms Poster and Snapchat
Wish I'd taken a few sneaky photos at Stella Full of Storms. It was such a good show, I had to include it here, so I stole this Snapchat from my friend Fiona. Big congrats to Fiona, who produced the wonderful play.

Barry M Silver Glitter Nail Polish
Cheering myself up with sparkles. Barry M has the best glittery nail polishes.

Outfit I Wore Out for Drinks
An outfit from October, when I had time to go out, just for the hell of it.

Selfie, Outfit with Two Collars
Embracing my favourite style for Autumn, layers.

A few of these were taken from my Instagram, ID:clairepetersen32, give me a cheeky follow if you fancy!

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  1. It is such a busy time of year!! Also trying to catch up with so many people for a Christmas celebration and trying to sort presents etc etc along with work it is tough! Looks like you have had a good week though, I need to paint my nails something glittery! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog