Thursday, 9 October 2014

Using bareMinerals for Acne Prone Skin

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my first ever beauty post! There's a reason that it's taken me this long to get share my thoughts on a beauty product: It's simply because I've never been a make-up person. Bar the overuse of eyeliner when I was 15, it wasn't until I was in my late teens that I started exploring make-up, and since then I've always felt behind in the beauty world. However, that's not to say that make-up isn't important to me. It's just that with my acne prone skin, I've got to be extra careful when choosing make-up, especially when it comes to foundation.

For Christmas last year, my Mum gifted me the bareMinerals Get Started Kit for light skin, and I haven't looked back since. According to WebMD mineral-based foundations are the way to go for acne prone skin. And from my own experience, I'd have to agree. Foundations I have used in the past may have made my skin look pretty while I wore them, but in the long run they clogged up my pores. Whereas I can wear the bareMinerals foundation everyday, and no extra spots seem to pop up because of this. Plus, buffing on powder feels so much lighter on my skin than the mousse and liquid foundations I have tried in the past.

bareMinerals Make-Up Set bareMinerals Make-Up Brush

When I'm going out for the night, I'll put on primer first, to ensure that the foundation sits in place for the duration of my escapades. Having said that, I don't wear the primer on a daily basis, because applying it feels quite greasy. Plus, you have to apply it using your fingertips, and if you read my Tips for Acne Sufferers you'll know that you should avoid this when tackling acne.

Prime Time bareMinerals Primer Being Used Fairly Light bareMinerals Foundation
Notice the slight tinge of purple on my nails? That's due to a DIY that I'll be sharing online in the future!

I wear the Fairly Light N10 shade, which matches my skin tone perfectly. I top it all off and seal it in place with the Mineral Veil, which is also provided in the Get Started Kit. The amount of bareMinerals in this post makes it look like I'm being sponsored by them! But no, it's overloaded with bareMinerals products because when I find a product that works for me, I stick to it. I'm experimental with my style, but not so much with my beauty regime.

bareMinerals Final Look

Here's my final look. My spots are still noticeable, because I don't wear concealer at the moment... Gosh I really am slow on the uptake when it comes to beauty! Clearly, I'm in need of advice, so please do let me know what products you use to cover oily/acne ridden skin! Also, have you tried bareMinerals? Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. bare minerals is meant to be amazing! ive never used it myself because im more of a fan of liquid products :) id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I love bare minerals! I use the compact foundation, some of their blushes and bronzers. The only thing I do not like is some of their brushes (particularly the ones you have displayed) because they start losing bristles all over my face.Their foundation brush is fantastic, though! I have not found a good concealer with them - so I am going to try NARS concealer because I have heard it is really nice. Anyways, hope that feedback helped!

    1. That's a good point about the brushes actually! When I first started using the brush it was fine, but it does shed bristles now that I've used it so much - which is very annoying. Thanks so much for your feedback, I may give that NARS concealer a go too!

  3. Thanks for sharing - would love it of you could check out my latest fashion post xo

    Aliona |

  4. Excellent beauty post! I like bare minerals, such a great brand. I find if you use just powders on acne prone skin it really helps to keep it under control. xo

  5. Stunning post x

  6. Well I'm a fan of liquid make up and I use MAC foundation and it really works for me, I have some acne scars and a little redness, but it covers it pretty well, and also liquid foundation kinda sticks with you all day, don't need to retouch as much as powder : ) I hope it helps