Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Show & Tell: My Room Divider

I've gone a little home decor crazy over here, my most recent endeavor being the transformation of my room divider. Before, it had a dull and poorly painted white and brown appearance. And after? Well keep on scrolling to see the transformation.

Violet Room Divider Landscape

I couldn't make this post into a DIY, because I failed to take in-process pics (tut tut bad blogger). So it's more of a show and tell... Showing off what my room divider looks like since I got my grubby paws on it... The opposite sides are both absolutely different styles:

Violet Room Divider Room Divider Purple Parrot Decoration

The violet, cutesy side is the side facing my bedroom. I like it, but the pattern is perhaps a bit too busy, so I'm going to keep my eyes open incase I find some other suitable papers. That's the good thing about this little transformation, it'll be so easy to switch it up when I get bored of it. Or I can simply make a change by turning the shutters around, since it's reversible. The above right picture shows the other side, where I went for a loud parrot print and spray painted the frame a dark shade of purple.

Paperchase Cute Bird Wrapping Paper

Just a note on how I did this: I spray painted the frames violet on one side and purple on the other. The inside panels were decorated with sturdy wrapping paper, which I picked up from Paperchase. They were having a great sale, so I stocked up on lots of cute stationary stuff, including this paper.

That's what I've been getting up to recently. Have you been doing any decorating? Let me know, I love reading your comments and coming across new blogs (and old favourites) in the process!


  1. Love the side with all of the mail and birds on it! So cute!

  2. This is so pretty!! It turned out great!

    Do you have a twitter or instagram? I really like your blog and I'd love to add you! :)


    1. I do! Here's my Instagram name: clairepetersen32 and as for Twitter, I only just started it up, but here it is anyway: TDreamerBlog. Aw, thank you Jessica! :)

  3. It looks fabulous and I love the beautiful violet colour. I've always wanted a screen dresser, this one of yours is brilliant!

  4. This is so cute, what a good job you did. I love the paper you picked out, it looks so good!

    Em x

  5. Wow, this turned out so amazing,
    what a cute idea. :)