Friday, 31 October 2014

Hooray it's Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear reader! I must declare that I am a fan of festivities around this time of year. I welcome any excuse to play dress up and eat a lot of sugary snacks.

Trick or Treat Halloween Goodie Bag from Dealz

This year, I'll be celebrating the spooky day at my new job! I started at Boots this week, and so far I love it. It's great working in a store with so many amazing health and beauty brands and products... No doubt, I'll be making a few purchases and perhaps I'll blog about them too!

The fun thing is, we're allowed to dress up today for Halloween! I didn't have enough time to find an intricate work-suitable outfit, so I've decided to go for a slightly random, but undeniably Halloweeny combination!

Green devil horns Green devil horns casual Halloween costume Green devil horns

Because I was pushed for time, popped into Dealz where I was able to gather my whole outfit, picking up some sweets for the trick or treat-ers along the way. I'd be working in the outfit, so I wanted something that wouldn't be overly awkward to wear. The electric green devil horns caught my eye, and I coupled the head gear with glowing purple spiders and purple hair.

To make my hair purple, I decided to try out Urban Colour hair chalk. It's really simple to use, you just rub it directly on to your hair and hey presto! I'm pleasantly surprised that you don't need blonde hair for it to work, it came out in a lovely vibrant shade on my ginger hair!

Purple Hair Chalk

This is my tame Halloween outfit... I'll be out tonight as a freaky nurse, which will be substantially more creepy. Even the thought of me being a nurse is scary, I'd be a terrible one! Anyway, wishing you a spooky Halloween! Stay safe out there! x

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