Thursday, 28 August 2014

Those Unforgettable Lights

My working holiday in the US has come to an end, but not without a 4 day scoot around New York City. So you can expect plenty pics from the trip to filter into this blog over the coming weeks! For the time being, here are some snaps from my last night in the Big Apple, when I did a twilight tour of Brooklyn, which ended with a spectacular wander over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Long exposure photography taken in a bright-lighted city may be a bit of a cliché at this stage, but you can't deny that the style helps capture the buzzing atmosphere of the location. If you've never tried this photography technique, you should try it out with your DSLR, as it's very easy and lots of fun. Simply set your camera to slow shutter speed (most of mine were exposed for 2.5 seconds), adjust the other settings accordingly, rest your camera on something steady, and take your photo.


  1. Amazing pictures I <3 N.Y. It must have been an unforgettable experience xxx

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  2. These images are amazing! I can never get long exposure to work so I am very jealous.

    Emma x

  3. Beautiful photos! X

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  5. Wow amazing! Love these photos!


  6. wow! gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! :)

    love, polly