Wednesday, 23 July 2014

An Insta' a Day

As I am working quite a lot this summer, I haven't had as much time for my photography as I had hoped and expected. However, my iPhone has stepped up and my Instagram looks a lot healthier these days, with pics from my travels. Here's a peek at my recent posts.

I adore this spot on the beach. It's lovely to simply sit and watch the waves crash around the wooden structure of the pier.

As I blogged about here, this place is so cute. I love the retro look of this sign, as well. Actually, the typography in Maryland looks like it's from another era. The signs and their fonts have caught my eye, so soon I'll be doing a blog post with a selection of the quirky ones I've found.

Another example of a sweet sign with a cute font. I popped into Satellite Coffee Shop on a rainy day, sneaking out of the wet weather to indulge in some cinnamon french toast.

Living with other girls can be a lot of fun for many reasons, notably because we get to borrow accessories and mix and match my outfits. I couldn't resist taking a selfie while wearing this cool necklace from Topshop, which I borrowed from my roomie Michelle.

And a final pic to sum up my trip so far: dipping my feet into the water at the pool bar. Thus far, this trip has been all about simple pleasures like this.


  1. The last picture is so pretty, I love the look of water. It's so blue and shiny! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Lovely pictures. The iPhone is pretty awesome sometimes! - Stephanie

  3. The ice cream sign looks awesome, I wish there were more cool ice cream places in the UK.

  4. yay those photos are so beautiful and inspiring <3 i love those ! <3